Memories from My Stolen Childhood

This is the post excerpt.


The scents of night blooming jasmine always mark the advent of the autumn season. Xewali ful (in Assamese) or night blooming jasmine uses to be very fascinating for the children as well as the elderly people of my state of Assam. Night blooming jasmine can be found in every Assamese households. The flowers as well as its leaves have medicinal values. However, during our childhood days, regardless of its benefits, xewali ful was one of the fascinating things like that of Bokul ful (spanish cherry). We used to wake up early in the morning and walk for miles to collect xewali ful, (since we did not have xewali ful in our household) which our moms would dry up in the sun and preserve so that they could cook various delicacies with them throughout the year. Nonetheless, we disliked to taste those dishes but those tiny white, fragranced flowers were always a refuge for us. On the pretext of collecting those tiny flowers we would get rid of our studies during the morning hours. Even now, I get up early in the morning and set for my duty but don’t see any children coming back to their homes after collecting handfulls of xewali. I wonder if their moms don’t like to eat xewali ful like that of ours. However, now I like the taste of xewali ful, but can’t go to collect them like before. The days of my childhood are stolen now……gone are those simple and joyful days!! (Signing off..,Jonalee Das)

From The Diary of An Unsuccessful Girl

How sarcastic it seems to thank an entity or a person for all the misfortunes or hardships caused to us! But right at this moment, sitting leisurely, pondering over all the past happenings, I sometimes strongly feel the urge to owe my thanks to them. Life for me was sometimes something that does not have any direction, any motivation or drive. Being a school-girl, I always used to be jovial, sparkling, a girl with some sort of possibilities but without any proper direction of what to do in future. Eventually, as I grew up, I realised that all those sparks in me were lost somewhere gradually, day by day, unknowingly. I started finding myself amidst some unknown faces, mocking at me, laughing at my failures making me feel bewildered and torn apart deep inside. In the battle of survival, I was a despondent, tongue-tied idiot lacking the skill to conversate in English, incapable of expressing myself. I was constantly in a battle with myself blamming my ownself for anything that would happen to me.The last two years were the years to rediscover and refine myself. I experienced the pain of being dissapointed when everything seemed alright. But nothing is permanent. In spite of all those oddities, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of positive-minded people since the last few years who have been always the strong walls of my life. I started finding the mockings and bullies nothing but challenges that always motivated me to prove them wrong. Those ill-fated days, now I find them as the truest test of my perseverance which gave me the strength to withstand, individuate myself. Yes, it is the fairest side of the misfortunes and oddities that they teach us to identify our truest self, get a direction and find ways to overcome them. The pleasure that such tiny victories give are immense. Every single day I try to find opportunities to excel in life. Yes, I have healed.

(Signing off Jonalee)

Every New Day Is A New Lesson To Be Learnt

Have you ever wondered how much patience, courage you own? Life is full of twists and turns, pleasure and pain. At certain moment we are sometimes at the ecstasy of pleasure and sometimes life makes us feel like drenched, wounded. Still we have to endure, live the life. We can’t say how much tolerant and patient we are until we undergo and endure the pain to it’s extent without letting others know. The path of life is often like a maze. Every single day we explore a new way, new aspect of it i.e. pleasure, pain, joy, sorrow, terror and so on. We can’t be static being afraid of what comes next. We must take a risk. Unless we take a risk to achieve something and endeavor we can’t really feel the ecstasy of being successful. Never see things always from negative perspectives. Every new day brings new lessons for us to be learnt. People we meet always have impacts on our lives.Good people are never tired of guiding, motivating, boosting you up irrespective of your follies. If you are surrounded by a bunch of such people you are lucky enough. There are a few people that we meet at certain period of time when we undergodissapointment,trauma who come as saviors and soothsayers to us.Even though the rudest person for us might have some impacts on us which comes out as one later. It might be their rudeness that will force us and motivate us to prove them wrong. Remember they try to underestimate you, demean you because they themselve hardly hold patience and wisdom. Don’t pause when you undergo such things. Rather move ahead, never look back to those unpleasant things. Learn everything that comes to you with a new zeal and prove yourself because life is much more than letting others demean you.
(Signing off Jonalee)

Life Is Beautiful


I am a nomad

In search of my existence

Reckoning the utmost bewilderment.


I am me, a nomad.(That Dimple Girl)

Yes, we all are nomads in our lives exploring it, reckoning perplexities, agonies and complexities ; procrastinating, battling in it. No matter what it is, life is beautiful. Live it, love it. Don’t get fixed, static in the phases that you are undergoing in your life. Live life king-size. Don’t dwindle over things because procrastination is a silent killer of happiness. Nobody is going to put you to the lowest circle of hell for the follies you are supposed to make in order to gratify yourself. So, what to bother? Live it fully. It’s your life. Be the champion. Bingo!!!

(Signing off….Jonalee Das)

Lives Within A Life

IF someday you are asked how many lives do you have to live, probably the answer will be only one. But is it true? Do we really have only one life to live?Absolutely not. We are living various lives within one single life trying to be perfect in one if not in the other i.e. life in the home, life with the friends and our kins, life at our work place and life in the public. Gabriel Okara has rightly said in his poem that man has learnt to wear faces like home face, office face and party face. We all are living a dubious life if not multiferious.

(Signing off…….Jonalee Das)

A Day Spent In the Lap of Nature (Daragaon, Diring). Baksa (Assam, India) Indo-Bhutan Border.

It’s a virgin beauty situated at Indo-Bhutan border, at the foot-hills of the himalayan state. An absolute destination for nature lovers who want to spend their time amidst the beauty of nature exploring it. The place is full of picturesque locations i.e. surrounded by hills meeting the horizon and the bickering stream flowing down from the bossom of the mountains. It’s a place with very beautiful natural scenery yet less visited by the tourists and hence it needs some sorts of upliftment. Dear nature lovers, if you want to live a life amidst nature exploring its bounties, do visit this spot.

(Signing off…….Jonalee Das)

The Chaos

Brooding over the past, regrets and sorrows are quite normal for every human being. The journey of life is full of twists and turns, compassions and contradictions. In such a life, we are always in a battle with our ownselves and we are the lost warriors of the conflict between heart and mind, just and unjust. For everything we don’t get in our lives, we say that we are not destined for that. But it’s nothing but the choices that we make which enable us to beget or deprive us of those single things.
Almost every alternate day, we live our lives amidst the chaos of emotions, ego and conscience and suffer from dilemma. How horrendous it is to pretend as if everything is alright when we are torn apart deep inside! It is often that we are asked to listen to our heart and intuition rather than our head when we are in a confusion. But is it wise to listen to our intuitions only? What about the rests such as values, trusts and other belief systems? Well, that’s another confusion and chaos undoubtedly.
We often feel like being depressed, locking up ourselves, crying aloud, lying for the whole day and passing sleepless nights, finding no way to escape, to get rid of such emotional chaos. We find no one to blame upon for such things that’s happening with us and so we do start blamming ourselves, hurting ourselves. Everyone more or less undergoes through this sort of situations. Even I do undergo such situations sometimes. Sharing your feelings, asking suggestions from your dear ones may also not help you getting rid of such conflicts and confusions at certain times. Letting things happen as they do may also not be the way to sort out things. You must have to choose any one out of the two; either this or that. You must have to gather that much of guts to accept to let one to go or to leave it for good and accept the circumstances at their worst. We need not be afraid thinking about the unfavourable situations that might occur since they have not occured yet. Always live in the present, do the needful for the test of the time. For what you have decided to give up, take your time, heal and keep hoping as life may become even more beautiful without it.
(Signing off……Jonalee Das)images.jpeg<img

The Journey

What do we want in our life…..from the people in and around us? These are the stuffs that are often misinterpreted by us and remain unanswered sometimes. We don’t exactly know for what we are unhappy or unsatisfied with. In many times we use to keep whining about this or that i.e. our love-life, work place or the people with whom we deal. We are often unable to find solace in what we are doing or how we are living no matter how many motivational quotes or books we read or the videos we watch that are in vogue now a days.

Life is a journey. It is like a multiple choice question and the people we meet and the roads that lye before us are like options of that multiple choice question. Among those options some are mere distractions and some are the right options that enable us to make life the best out of them. We get bewildered among those distractions and right choices. We get confused in between ‘to be or not to be’. So we do among our feelings and emotions like love and infatuation, jealousy and hatred. We often say “I love you” to the one whom we start liking. But is that really love or mere an infatuation for the test of time….we can’t exactly figure it out. Infatuation is a strong feeling towards someone which is mostly short-lived and over time it may diminish. But it is love that grows more and deeper with time. They say, love is the most miraculous thing in the world. It is so because it gives wisdom, patience, resilience,courage to sacrifice and most importantly it teaches us the art of giving. The journey of love grows from liking to fondness, oneness and one finding solace in another’s happiness. Infatuation wants to get the things be done and craves for the fulfillment of the wants and needs. But love is to give away, to grow and to heal each other and sometimes to walk away.

Now, if we talk about life, the questions that always come to our mind are….”Are we really happy?”, “Is this the life that we really wanted to live?” Our minds are fixed in the cascade of so called perfectly happy life. But can anyone define what a perfectly happy life is? Is that money that we want for such a life or can freedom and peace of mind give us such life? In a materialistic world where we live, money talks. People are plastic, feelings and emotions are thrown away, empathy is lost. Man rushes hither and thither chasing his goals. Family and old parents are nothing more than burdensome things for the people of fast-paced, self-centered modern world. For earning money and to live a sophisticated and perfect life, we have started discarding our family life, spending less time with our parents and children. Many relationships are on the verge of death and many has been killled. We have lost the peace of mind while striving for a perfectly happy life. It is said that the silence is golden and the freedom is sweet. But we have lost so many people due to silence in the chaos of ambitions and craze to achieve something that often keeps growing. We are free but without any freedom to live our life fully. We can’t accept failure and sadness. In order to achieve success, we have messed up everything i.e. love, family, work etc. Relationships are most of the time nothing more than something from which we want something in return. We do claim that we are selflessly giving our best to our relationships but we are selfish enough to expect something from them. We are always puzzled and confused between right and wrong, to do or not to do, repenting for not adopting this when we fail in that. But life is a commotion of happiness, sorrow, success and failure. Unless we accept failure, we can’t celebrate success. When we get wounds, we get healed too. Our entire life is a celebration of joys, wonders, love and emotions. So let’s celebrate it with all its shades and sail in the journey of life.

(Signing off………Jonalee Das)